About the Polish Nobility Association

The Polish Nobility Association was established in Gdańsk in 1995.Currently, its head office is in Warsaw. The Association has its regional branches in Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław and Szczecin.

The Polish Nobility Association is a socio-cultural organisation affiliating the nobility of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Association’s tasks include primarily:

  • integration and representation of the noble community,
  • protection of the good name of the nobility of the Commonwealth of Nations,
  • popularisation and promotion of culture,accomplishments and the best noble traditions,
  • rebirth and preservation of knight’s ethos.

Our Association affiliated both the descendants of middle-class nobility and also wealthy and meaningful noble stocks. The Association has now about 500 members representing nearly 300 noble stocks. On many occasions, our members play an active role in the cultural, scientific and business life of contemporary Poland. It should be stressed that the Association of the Polish Nobility is in no way a usurping organisation, it neither grants nor takes away the nobility and candidates to the Association are admitted exclusively based on the land law of the First Polish Republic.

The Association is not tied with any political or religious option.

We invite you to contact the Polish Nobility Association, especially as regards the questions concerning:

  • the history of Poland with special stress on the history of nobility,
  • fate of noble stock members, knight’s ethos, culture and noble customs,
  • care for material and non-material monuments of noble culture, reprivatisation,
  • current socio-economic problems and standards of operation of the state and state authorities from the point of view of the values, which, during centuries, developed and evolved within the noble state, genealogy and heraldry.
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