Membership Application (For Candidates)


Please, send the completed form and all the required documents to the address of the Board of the Polish Nobility Association:

Zarząd Główny Związku Szlachty Polskiej
(Board of the Polish Nobility Association)
ul. Żurawia 43 lok. 110, 
00-680 Warszawa

along with a proof of payment for the administration fee of PLN 100,- to the following bank account:

Bank Pekao S.A.

  • Account number IBAN: PL54 1240 2148 1111 0010 3536 7320

Application Forms not accompanied by required documentation or proof of payment (PLN 100,-) shall not be considered. The application fee will not be refunded.

Download the Form:

All information submitted by the Candidates in the Application Form is held in strict confidence and will not be released to any third party without the prior consent of  the Candidate.

In answering the questions please provide as much specific detail as possible. Every detail concerning your ancestors and your genealogy, even those that may seem irrelevant, may turn out to be critical in the review process.

Should the information you provide in the application be incomplete or the documentation insufficient, you will be asked to provide additional detail according to specific instructions provided by the Genealogical Consultants of the Association. They will assist you with in the process.


Association Members.

§ 12. The Members of the Association are composed of Ordinary Members and Honorary Members.

§ 13. 1. Both Polish and foreign citizens become Ordinary Members regardless of their place of residence if they meet the requirements listed in this Paragraph.
2. The following persons may be accepted as Members:
1) descendents of Nobles in the direct male line (the son or daughter of a noble father)
2) who are at least 18 years of age
3) and who accept the provisions of the Statutes and Mission Statement 
4) and hold the values expressed by “God, Honour, Native Land” as their own.

§ 14.The following persons may not be accepted as Members of the Association: 
1. those convicted of serious crimes;
2. those who held a high office in any communist party or communist youth wing;
3. those who were members of Nazi or Stalinist organs of opression;
4. those who were members of the communist security apparatus between 1944-1990;
5. those who are notoriously dishonourable;
6. those who are members of organisations that illegitmately award orders, aristocratic titles, coats of arms or nobility; or organisational titles identical to noble or aristocratic titles, as well as any person who not being a member of such organisations, supports the same or accepts such titles. A list of proscribed organisations is maintained and updated by the Board of the Polish Nobility Association through their resolutions.

§ 15. Candidates for memberships are accepted as Members of the Association by a resolution of the Board of the Association based on the information contained in the membership application completed by the candidate. The format and content of the application are specified by the Board following input by the Association’s  Genealogical Consultants.

§ 16. 1. The Association’s  Genealogical Consultants are appointed by the Board by a  resolution. Any person showing outstanding knowledge in the genealogy of the nobility may be appointed as a Genealogical Consultant. The current roster of consultants is published and may be accessed by interested individuals.
2. In the event that details included in a Candidate’s application are not sufficient to support a resolution to accept a Candidate for membership in the Association, the Board will ask Genealogical Consultants specializing in such matters to comment on discrepancies or missing details and to issue their opinion.
3. Having received the opinion of  the genealogical Consultants, the Board may pass a resolution:

to accept a Candidate as a Member of the Association, or
to reject the application for membership in the Association, or
to defer consideration and return the application to the Candidate for supplemental information.
4. Every resolution rejecting an application by a Candidate will supported by proper explanation of the reasons.
5. Once supplemental information has been provided by a Candidate, the review procedure starts from the beginning.
6. If a Candidate whose original application has been rejected, presents new information that may prove eligibility for membership in the Association, the Board of the Association may issue an appropriate resolution in response to a written application for reconsideration by the Candidate.
7. Membership in the Association commences on the day the Board passes a final resolution for acceptance; the Candidate is informed by the Board in writing about their acceptance for membership and is sent the Membership Declaration From for their signature.

Application Form for Candidates in PDF
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