Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the Polish Nobility Association

The 20th century witnessed tremendous and fundamental change in the fabric of European social, economic and political life. Ideas which proved to have been utopian, have through their barbaric implementation had a devastating effect on many aspects of the social fabric and public life over the several decades that they held sway. The upper classes, especially the nobility were particularly harmed. Over the course of world wars and struggles for freedom and especially due to the effects of irrational and criminal communist ideologies, the nobility was devastated. In the “ People’s Republic” together with the rest of the nation who were denied fundamental rights, members of the nobility were with particular ferocity shamed, discriminated against, imprisoned and murdered by local renegades. They were sentenced to non-existence and erasure from social consciousness.

In opposition to this people who had an awareness of their heritage, as well as the values and the role their role in society, remained united and faithful to their ideals. However, a significant number became preoccupied in dealing with the relentless daily difficulties and finding the means of daily life. This group unfortunately permitted themselves to abandon the traditions and values the nobility of the Republic (Rzeczpospolita), notwithstanding the flaws present in any society, proudly lived by and established as standards for both state and society. The indoctrination inflicted on Polish society for over half a century brought about vast and negative impacts on societal attitudes. Like a poisonous venom these still circulate in private and public life. The foundation of values built up over centuries by generations of ancestors crumbled. Actions directed to destroy the nobility and its foundational values brought about a virtual disappearance of  ideals of dignity, honesty, responsibility, honour, sound morals and proper upringing, public service and patriotism.

Mindful of this state of affairs, we declare that our intent is to:

  • Organise and integrate the community of nobles to work together on the restoration of core values in the service of the Polish Nation and State;
  • Organise conferences, lectures, discussions and social events on matters related to the Polish nobility, its current situation and history;
  • Promote culture and encourage good manners consistent with a chivalric ethos.
  • Devote particular attention to the youth encouraging them to improve themselves by educational achievement and the cultivation of good manners and conducting themselves with dignity;
  • Establish contacts with Polish nobles scattered around the world by war and other political events, and in particular those beyond the Poland’s eastern border;
  • Maintain relationships with nobility organisations in other countries;
  • Care for and promote the material and spiritual cultural heritage, such as historical edifices, objects of art and handicraft, sites of national and family remembrance that are important  elements of Polish culture in its broadest sense;
  • Promote research on the history of our own families;
  • Promote among the nobility the establishment of family or clan organisations and provide support to those which already exist;
  • Enhance public awareness of the core values which the Polish Commonwealth of Nations was proud to espouse: honour, dignity, property, family, responsibility, truth and patriotism;
  • Counteract any and all attempts to usurp or slander the noble community;
  • Return to social consciousness a true and unbiased image of Polish Nobility.

Active in the contemporary world we do not intend to seek restoration of historical privileges nor flatter our vanity, rather staking on moral and intellectual values we seek to return to the life of Polish society, and play within it an active role.

The wording of this Declaration was agreed upon at the Convention of the Members of the Polish Nobility Association on 16th September 2001 in Warsaw.

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