Dues and other payments

Bank accounts and payments

The Polish Nobility Association maintains one bank account for all financial transactions.  Please remit payments, fees and donations to:

  • Bank Pekao S.A.,  Account No. : 54 1240 2148 1111 0010 3536 7320

Payments from abroad should be routed to :

  • SWIFT: PKOPPLPW IBAN: PL54 1240 2148 1111 0010 3536 7320

The Association has established bank accounts for each Branch. These are for the sole purpose of facilitating to Branches the appropriate portions of annual contributions and/or donations.

Members may submit their annual dues to either the above noted Association bank account, or to the Treasurer of their local Branch.

Members may also remit their fees through PayPal (donate).

Initiation and annual membership dues

NEW: Effective January 1st 2010, every new “Membership Application Form”  must be accompanied by a non-refundable PLN 75.00 (seventy-five Polish złoty) application fee. Applicatioons for membership will be reviewed and considered only if accompanied by an attached payment slip entitled “administration fee”. Please note that effective January 1, 2010, the former initiation fee is no longer required. Members initially accepted in 2009 are still required to pay the initiation fee but do not pay the application fee.

As of January 1, 2010, new annual membership dues take effect:

  • PLN 50 (fifty złoty) – for Members living in countries of the former USSR
  • PLN 100 (one hundred złoty) – for Members who are students or pensioners living in Poland and former USSR countries which are currently EU members
  • PLN 150 (one hundred złoty) – for Members living in Poland and former USSR countries which are currently EU members
  • PLN 200 (two hundred złoty) – for Members living in other countries.

Membership Subscription

Select the annual membership dues according to your country.

The annual membership dues are not pro-rated: they are not dependant on the actual month of the initial acceptance of the Candidate, i.e. persons who were accepted by a Board resolution in November, are required to pay the contribution for that calendar year, and not merely for the portion of the year remaining.

Please note: the annual contribution is due and payable at the point of initial acceptance of the member. Membership is not effective until the full fees are paid.
There is no allowance for payment of fees by instalments. Any amounts submitted, other than full fees will be gratefully accepted as a donation by the Board of the Association.

Please note that under § 18 par. 1 item 3 of the Association Statutes, Ordinary Members of the Association are obliged to “pay the registration fee and the contributions on a regular basis”. The Association Board is unable to waive or reduce the prescribed fees with reference to particular Members.

The Association Board would like to remind members that under § 20 of the Statutes:

The reason for the discontinuation of membership is:
1. Cancelling the Members due to:
Failure to pay the contributions for the period of one year without proper explanations submitted to the Board.

Other fees

„Verbum Nobile” (when issued)

  • Members:  Whoa are fully paid up receive one copy of the periodical free of charge, and may obtain additional copies for PLN 15 each.
  • Non-Members: Or Members who have not fully paid their dues, may obtain copies for PLN 20 each.

„Membership Directory” (internal Association publication)

The Address Directory is available only to Members of the Association, free of charge.  Every Member will receive one as new editions are been published.

The fee for each additional copy of the Membership Directory is PLN 10.

Price List for lost or additional Association Badges and/or Association Membership ID:

  • PLN 20 – the badge
  • PLN 50 – the Association Membership ID booklet

Up to date information regarding all financial matters, including the current registration fee, is available on the Association website at www.szlachta.org.pl

You may contact the Treasurer of the Association at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by mail to Związek Szlachty Polskiej, Krakowskie Przedmieście 13 lok. 151, 00-071 Warszawa Polska

Information concerning donations

The following policy took effect April 1 2009:

  • Member donations to ZSzP (the Association) intended to benefit the Association, and which in exceed the equivalent of twenty times the annual dues must have prior approval by the Board of the Association, who will consider the acceptance and intended purpose of such donations.
  • Each donation to the ZSzP by a non-member intended to benefit the Association (ZSzP) must have prior approval by the Board who will consider the acceptance and intended purpose of such donation.
  • Should the donor disagree with decisions taken by the Board of the Association as to the utilization of donated funds, they will be returned to the donor forthwith, less an administration fee.
  • Donors are free to specify the purpose and use of donated funds only insofar as their wishes conform to purposes permitted by the Statute and Mission Statement of the Association.
  • Donors are free to specify to which Branch of the Association they wish their funds to accrue.
  • In donating funds, the donor agrees that 20% of any amount donated will be held by the Board of the Association to be used in whole for general expenditures in connection with Association activity or other matters mentioned in the Statutes. This may include, financial support to specific Branches in need, or Association activities requiring financial support or other matters as determined by the Board.
  • We kindly remind you that all donations made to the Branches must flow through the Board of the Association.
  • Every donor, making a donation to support the activities of the Association, will receive a confirmation receipt from the Treasurer of the Association.
  • The Board of the Polish Nobility Association wishes to advise that they are unable to disclose details of donations or donors in any public form (except where legally required in reporting to authorities) nor make it known to members of the Association, even if the donor wishes to make this information public.
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